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How can we help you and your research collaborators increase success and strengthen your university- industry partnerships?

For years, UIDP members, as well as some nonmembers, have come to me seeking referrals to qualified and experienced professionals who can work with their organizations on U-I relations.

Sometimes you just need an outside expert. Maybe it’s bandwidth, or entering a new area, laying the groundwork for strategic planning, or the need for a third party to assist with bringing stakeholders on board. Until now, it’s been difficult to respond to that need.

Enter UI Collab – a new consulting subsidiary of UIDP including a select team of experts with extensive experience in the U-I space at top universities and companies.

I’m fortunate that these experts are on board to bring their skills to bear in solving any U-I challenge you have. Their extensive experience alone speaks volumes about a firm deeply rooted in knowledge. They are all a reflection of the UIDP community itself, which represents 200 of the finest research and innovation organizations in the world. UI Collab offers consulting services on all aspects of U-I relations, including strategy, partnership management, development, innovation ecosystems, and contracting.

UI Collab consultants are passionate about applying the lessons they learned as practitioners to the U-I challenges facing our community today. They can provide expert guidance (and in some circumstances, short term staffing) for universities and companies seeking to maximize their industry engagement strategy, including:

Structuring – How should organizations structure to maximize external engagement, and how can they best manage the myriad of offices and individuals charged with partnerships?

Policies – How can policies be shaped to remove barriers and catalyze partnerships?

ROI – How can U-I relationships be measured and evaluated, and how can your organization create a process for doing so that is quantitative as well as qualitative?

Ecosystems – What role can/does your institution play in the local innovation ecosystem, and who are the right nonprofit and government partners?

People – What type of expertise is needed to ensure that you maximize impact?

Have you got questions and do you want answers? Contact us to set up a consultation today.

Tony Boccanfuso

Principal, UI Collab
President, UIDP

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