Partnership Management​

Our U-I partnership experience is unmatched.
The devil, as they say, is in the details. There are hundreds of potential pathways for finding, growing, and sustaining university-industry partnerships. Which ones match your institution’s strengths and culture? How will you execute these strategies and measure success? How will you tell your story to potential partners?

UI Collab consultants have seen partnerships thrive – and fail – on both ends of the partnership spectrum. With national, and global, networks and experiences, they bring a wealth of ideas to your organization and work with you to find the best fit. Our consultants are proficient in:

  • developing and sustaining partnerships,
  • engagement tactics,
  • metrics for success,
  • customer relationship management systems,
  • industry advisory boards,
  • diversity, equity and inclusion,
  • federal grant support of partnerships,
  • communications,
  • and procurement-based business partnerships

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