Powering University-Industry Partnerships

U-I Strategy

Determine optimal structure, obtain executive buy-in, map out governance, identify stakeholders, align global partnerships, and much more.

Partnership Management

Identify and leverage strengths, execute tailored strategies, make data-driven decisions, develop and sustain partnerships.

Innovation Ecosystems Assessment & Development

Evaluate the path from transactional activities to long-term strategies and venture development.


Discover an efficient path to sustainable, mutually beneficial university-industry partnerships.

Expert Services and Solutions

Strategic Solutions

Our consultants assist clients in tackling strategic and tactical challenges impacting the environment for university-industry partnerships.

Program Evaluation

In the dynamic landscape of university-industry partnerships, we evaluate internal processes, structures, resources, stakeholders, and outcomes.

Executive Education & Capacity Building

From educating R&D leaders in industry, to training up a university team on corporate engagement best practices – our skilled consultants will tailor a program to your needs

How Can We Help?

For years, UIDP members, as well as some nonmembers, have come to me seeking referrals to qualified and experienced professionals who can work with their organizations on U-I relations. Sometimes you just need an outside expert. Maybe it’s bandwidth, or entering a new area, laying the groundwork for strategic planning, or the need for a third party to assist with bringing stakeholders on board. Until now, it’s been difficult to respond to that need.

Enter UI Collab.

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